Digital Media

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“The growth opportunity for tomorrow isn’t going to come by waiting the pandemic out and hoping we return to pre-pandemic business conditions. . . the best solution for almost all wineries is increased attention to and investment in the multitude of digital opportunities in data, streaming and e-commerce.”

– State of the Wine Industry 2022, Silicon Valley Bank

Digital Media


Digital Media


Create a specific and sophisticated digital strategy that will reach the people that want to engage with your brand.

  • Leverage 1st and 3rd party data, geotargeting, and unstructured keyword-specific technology to recognize and target your messaging to connect with your future customers.
  • From ideation to implementation, Studio 707 will help position your brand for digital success.

Programmatic Digital Advertising

Maximize brand awareness using applicable browsing behaviors, interests, location, and demographics relevant to your specific goals.

Native Content Advertisements

Deliver your marketing message to users that are consuming content that align with your brand and integrate with the content and design of the site your message appears on.

Social Media Advertising

Find, reach and engage your audience on Facebook and Instagram with social ads that are seamlessly delivered across desktop and mobile, in tandem with your overall digital campaign.

Email Marketing

Connect with your targeted audience right in their inbox with professional email marketing campaigns that align with specific demographic and location criteria.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To assist people who are “looking for you” on search engines and optimize your website to appear in relevant search terms and build visibility.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Serve targeted messages to consumers searching for keywords or phrases on Google.